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   What is Arnywear Active?

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   What is ArnyBear

Arnywear Large is the full-size product at 95cm x 168cm providing superb protection against a multitude of biting insects.


Arnywear Medium at 40cm x 95cm makes an ideal travelling companion, and an ideal size for children.


Arnywear Small at 56cm x 56cm is compact and lightweight. An ideal product for young children or an accessory for adults.


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Arnywear Relax Kaftan is the perfect way of staying bite-free on the beach or at

the bar.


Chic and eye-catching, the Arnywear Relax Sarong is great for strolling along the beach or lounging by the pool – you can relax in the knowledge that Arnywear is keeping biting insects at bay!


> Kaftan

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The soft, plush, ArnyBear is packed full of the same iFabric protection as all Arnywear products - and will keep the kids safe for hours on end.


Arny travels around in his exclusive anti-mosquito backpack - which can easily carry Arny and other useful items or holiday goodies. We hope you love Arny as much as we do and can give him a good home.


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