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Arnywear Large is the full-size product providing superb protection against a multitude of biting insects.


At 95cm x 168cm, this versatile fabric can be used to protect you in a variety of ways.


> Adult sarong

> Beach dress

> Day/evening wrap

> Sun bed cover

> Table cloth

> Hammock sheet

> Large bed sheet

Arnywear Medium offers great flexibility and the same high levels of insect protection as all our products.


The medium size – 40cm x 95cm – makes it an ideal travelling companion, and a great size for children. Protects you safely and effectively.


> Child's sarong

> Adult beach skirt

> Small bed sheet

> Pillow cover

> Shoulder throw

> Baby stroller cover

Compact and lightweight Arnywear Small still packs a punch! An ideal product for young children, or as an accessory for adults.


At 56cm x 56cm the small size provides our unique ‘no-bite-zone’ constantly for your protection. How will you use yours?


> Bandana

> Head band

> Arm wrap

> Ankle wrap

> Car head rest cover

> Dining mat