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   What is Arnywear?

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 Safe for all the family


All Arnywear product ranges including the Arnywear ‘Active’ and Arnywear ‘Relax’ are made from technologically advanced fabrics that contain a unique, powerful and totally natural insect repelling agent which is genuinely safe even for your children.


Arnywear products are powered by a patented technological advance known as iFabric technology. When rubbed, Arnywear products release their fresh smelling and long lasting natural insect repelling vapour, that is safe for all the family.

 Long lasting protection


All Arnywear products are designed to provide the longest lasting protection against biting insects available in the market place.


Conventional insect repellents will give good insect repelling protection for approxumately 20-30 minutes once sprayed or applied to the skin whereas Arnywear will create a unique ‘no-bite-zone’ which will provide at least THREE HOURS of continuous protection.


If you wear or sleep on your Arnywear after you have activated it, your body heat or body movement will keep you safe for several more hours.

 Clinically tested and durable to washing


The iFabric technology used in all Arnywear branded products has been clinically tested and proven by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to provide continuous protection against mosquitoes, midges, horse flies, ticks and over 3000 other varieties of unwelcome biting insects.


You will also be pleased to know that you can wash your Arnywear several times in a normal 40°C wash and still carry on using it. When you can’t smell the fresh smelling aroma, you need to buy some more!


UK AS Management Systems


The research, development, application and manufacture of innovative material based biotechnologies has been assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

 Product Features

• No-bite-zone

• Safe for all the Family

• Long Lasting Protection

• Clinically Tested and

  Durable to Washing